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Manga/Posters/Circle Items/Figurines

Please make sure that you read my sales terms here before doing any buying. I will not be responsible for anything that was stated there. Thank you.


All yaoi manga is $8 $5 unless stated otherwise. Will give discounts for those bought in bulk

Back summary: Welcome to Sakurajo High, home to some of the most privileged boys in Japan! Koji's mother just married up in the world and now this average boy is finding it hard to adjust to a school where nearly all of his peers have grown up wealthy. Meanwhile, Taiki is a playboy who insists that he doesn't want to go steady...until he meets the adorable rent-a-boy, Makoto! Love Training follows the lives of different students as they find out what it’s like to attend a school full of beautiful boys! Where one story ends, another begins.

Back summary: Ryuhei Ohno has just entered a high school where 90% of the student population is rumored to be gay. However, a couple of the students in Ryuhei’s class haven’t heard the rumors surrounding the school. Kunihisa Imaizumi is cute, adorable and homo-phobic. Unable to deal with the increasingly bold advances of his classmates, he appoints Ryuhei as his “knight in shining armor” to keep his suitors at bay. Ryuhei is more than happy to protect Kunihisa’s innocence at first, but even Ryuhei finds himself falling for Kunihisa. Who is going to protect our “poor maiden” from his knight?!

Back summary for Vol.1 : Welcome to Kinsei Private School-a respected, all-boys institution where it's rumored ninety percent of the student body is gay (or bi). For the straight Nanase, this means constantly evading day-to-day advances from his love-struck classmates. Just what is a "normal" boy to do in this sea of abnormality? Enter Heiji, who proposes a unique solution to his sempai-namely, that he and Nanase pretend to be a couple to deflect all the unwanted attention. Sounds like a good plan, except pretty soon Nanase finds himself performing all manner of embarrassing acts in order to keep up the "ruse." What's wrong with this picture?!

Back summary: Handsome men Kaoru and Ryuugo are pawns in a cutthroat competition filled with twisted plots and violent passion.  The winner's prize?  An entire family fortune!  The Kourenjis must find an heir to the throne of their sprawling empire, and only one young man will finally ascend to the position of power.  But there are secrets that define this family's fate.  With everyone grasping for the golden ring, will it take a fatal fall to finish this wicked game?

Back summary: Ever since they were kids, college students Kazushi and Haru have been close. Friends say they act like a couple. Their birthdays are only three days apart, so they always celebrate together. But an “innocent” kiss confuses things. When Kazushi also reveals his feelings, the fallout threatens to drive them apart. Haru can only see him as a friend – nothing more. Why would the popular Kazushi be interested in guys in the first place? That’s not normal, is it?

YuGiOh vol 1-4, please note that Vol 1 is the special edition (sparkly cover) - $10 for set - does have some writing in the first two

Favole vol 1-3 complete set: Stone Tears, Set Me Free, and Frozen Light - $30 25 for set - these are beautiful artworks with a storyline


KineInAqua twin poster - $10
KineinAqua West from Call of the Wild poster - $18 15

Devil May Cry 4 poster - $12 $5, it has 4 spots on the back where the velco had been but its gone now

This is an extremely large poster, about 2-3 times the size of a normal one. I believe its about 30x40. I'll get the exact size if asked. The two flash spots in the picture are from my camera, its not really there. Has velco but can take that offf. $15 $5

Toys :

Love Bunnies - Medium size - $18 each or $50 30 for all three


Apr. 1st, 2012 02:16 pm (UTC)
The entire set? I'm afraid I don't have any. The dessert set got sold out a while ago on the only site I've ever found it at. I forgot to take it down, should do so soon
Apr. 1st, 2012 03:16 pm (UTC)
I see, thank you.