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Individual/Direct Orders

These are some helpful links for those that are searching for something in particular (I can order from other stores and other series like Magi or Code Geass):

Toranoana: HETALIA | REBORN | DURARARA!! | GINTAMA l Tiger & Bunny | Ao no Exorcist l Fullmetal Alchemist Final Fantasy l Basara l Tales of series l VOCALOID l Uta no prince-sama l Natsume Yuu l YuGiOh l magi l

K-Books : HETALIA REBORN l DURARARA!! GINTAMA l Tiger & Bunny | Ao no Exorcist l Fullmetal Alchemist Final Fantasy l basara l Tales of series l madoka magica l Natsume Yuu l YuGiOh l Uta no prince-sama l magi l

Melonbooks: Reborn l Durarara!! l Hetalia l Gintama Tiger & Bunny l Ao no Exorcist l Basara l - warning, domestic shipping prices are really high for this store

KACshopReborn l Ao no Exorcist l Durarara!! l Tiger & Bunny l Hetalia l Code Geass l Basara l One Piec l - warning, the domestic shipping prices are really high for this store

Suruga-ya.jp Reborn l Durarara!! l Gintama l Hetalia l Tiger & Bunny l for this site, its really vague. Its best to search for specific circles or you can go through the over 100 over pages until you find something.

For yahoo auctions: If its an auction, I suggest going to someone else to place them simply because I won't be awake while the auctions are going on and especially when they are ending (different times). I can do buying instead since those are instant.

Payment 1: This one is required before deadline and will be paid in Yen or USD
1. Price of the Item(s)
2. There is a Commission. 200 yen per doujinshi/item or 400 per anthology over 80 pages or an item over 1200 yen (please note that I do sometimes give discounts depending on the # of orders or to returning customers)
3. For both USD and yen payment, make sure to send it by gift/payment owed off of personal tab of else I'll ask you to pay the rest off.

Small suggestion: Your choice to follow this since I'm not going to enforce it. Order more than 1 item. It makes the shipping and commission more even.

Payment 2 : There's two shipping (domestic and international) and one small  fee which is the internatioal fee (think of it as a paypal fee) involved in this. For domestic, please be aware that it will combine both the domestic shipping and any fees my person gets charged which can be bank transfer fee. From the Japan store to my Commissioner and then from Commissioner to you. Paid in Yen or USD.

Invoices for #2 look like this:
Domestic shipping: #
Bank fee: # - only for certain stores/circles
Helper's commission: #
International shipping: #
International money fee: #
Return money: -(negative) # - only if you paid more than than original amount, like over. So it might not be there
Deposit: # - money that was paid for the items
Complete total: # papal fee

If there were extra stores/seperate orders, then there would be another domestic shipping, bank fee, and helper's commission, for each one.

Important information about helper's commission: Its an estimate of 200 yen per item, which is why mine is so low compared to other proxys. However, my helper is willing to give discounts to those that have large orders. But if you are ordering just 1-2 items, you pay maybe 100-200 yen more because of the work that is put in just for those single items compared to ordering a bunch.

Shipping types: SAL (2-3 weeks), SAL Airmail (1 week) , EMS (3 days), and Seamail (1-3 months). All will come with a tracking number and insurance and is required for all buyers.

If you are late in invoice #2: Due to excessive lateness, I have no choice but to put this in place. Those that don't pay by the provided date (usually about 2-3 weeks in length) will be charged a $20 fee or 2000 yen.

This you MUST know when and before ordering: I can NOT do refunds. Its more like, I can not refund you money I do not have. The money you send me gets sent straight to the other person. There's nothing much I can do. Also, please be aware that if there is a mistake (which is rare for small orders, higher chance for large orders like those that have 85 books), I can't really do much either. You can send it back but you won't be getting a refund for the shipping. Meaning if it costs, $14 to ship it back to the person, you'll be paying that $14, and there's a high chance that you might have to pay for the shipping to get the package back to your place once more. And you will also be paying once more for a tracking number as well for safety reasons. One last thing, there are items, especially those that come from toranoana and k-books, that are brand new and wrapped, they do no accept returns for mistakes. What is order is ordered.

Payment: Paypal only, cash is alright but please note that items can go out during the transit time

Order Form:
Items: (with link and name and price)
Shipping type: EMS? SAL? Airmail?
payment: USD or yen